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During a four-week trip to Kenya and Uganda bat images were taken at various locations in January and February, 2017.

For each measurement night, between 6 and 410 individual recordings could be registered. It is unusual that the site with the most records was an area surrounded by trees.

On the slopes of the 4,321m high Mount Elgons were taken records on the Kenyan side (Kitale) and Ugandan side (Mbale). It turned out that in the tropical climate of East Uganda (at approx. 1,150m) significantly less activity was observed, than in the rather mediteran climate Westkenias on approximately 1,800m. However, flying foxes in Uganda could be seen visually. Most flying foxes do not use echo detection and therefore they could not be recorded by the Bat recorder. In addition, measurements were taken in North Kingangop at approximately 2,350m.

Furthermore records were taken in a cave. On the basis of temperature measurements it was shown that in the Nalumba cave (Uganda) at night the temperature does not sink as low as in the open air.

The recordings are now to be examined more closely. As soon as we have further knowledge about the bat family and species occurring, we will announce them.

Stefan Roesch

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